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Are you challenged by...


People Pleasing


Low Self-Esteem


Low Self-Worth


Relationship Issues


Feeling Broken

Feeling Isolated


Are You silently wondering, "Is this all there is?"

Maybe you secretly know that you ARE capable of more, but you just don't know HOW to get there!

Transformational Coaching can help you fall back in love with yourself and your life

The Right Coach can help you create a life where YOU:

  • Fall back in love with yourself and your full potential

  • Can release the emotional weight you carry around

  • Have fun and experience real enjoyment

  • Really understand yourself in all of your complexity

  • Have a positive self-image and healthy self-esteem

  • Are more assertive and sure of what you want now and in the future

  • Have more confidence and certainty in the decisions you make and the actions you take

Crossing the River


1-ON-1 Coaching

Guiding you through your transformation journey


Join the community

Group coaching

Leveraging the power of community 

"Samuel Couzi as a life coach has provided guided focus sessions supported by practical everyday actions. With Sam’s insight, unflappable honesty, and gentle acceptance of my deepest fears, we have shed light on my subconscious drivers. Working together I have begun to shed light on suppressed resentment, anger, betrayal and self-destructive behaviors into understanding, respecting and feeling grateful for painful past experiences. Samuel Couzi is insightful, powerful and deeply valuable."

Scott R, AU

A little exercise for you:

  • Guided

  • Courageous

  • Lighter

  • Peaceful

  • Optimistic/enthusiastic about life

  • Proud of themselves

  • Happier

  • Aligned

  • Grounded

  • Stronger

Stop and ask yourself - how do I feel right now?  How have I felt today? This week? How did I feel the last time I tried to address my challenges by thinking about them, or when I turned to other resources like books, podcasts, seminars, socials, etc.?


Thought your answers?  Okay, now write them down! All of them - the good, the bad, even the unsure… no one’s watching. This exercise is just for yourself!

Read them over.


Now, compare your list with this list of what clients are feeling after coaching with Sam:

  • Free from past burdens

  • Confident

  • Safe

  • Evolved

  • Energised

  • Seen

  • Hopeful

  • Abundant

  • At ease

  • More authentic

If your list is similar - YAY YOU!

But, if you’d rather a list like the one above, Sam’s here for you.

Headshot Sam.jpg

From not liking my own life to helping others fall in love with theirs

Anyone looking at my life when I was younger would have assumed that I had it all!  The world was my oyster and my future looked bright… on the surface.


Underneath it was a different story. There was no reason for me to be depressed.  Yet I was.  Almost every day! I didn’t “like” my life. I felt stressed, anxious, lonely, shy and deeply misunderstood. I found it a difficult situation to manage because there was no apparent reason to feel that unhappy.


I did my best to go through the motions,  keeping all my doubts, fears and emotions all bottled up, I kept trying to hide my internal turmoil until I just couldn’t anymore. My depression got so bad that I had to reach out for help!


Thankfully, I did.  I found an incredible coach.  She helped me to learn to love myself!


My sadness was replaced by joy. I traded self doubt for confidence. Pessimistic thoughts were chased away with fresh hope and optimism. Fear was replaced by courage.


I was not only consciously creating my own success, I was living the life I desired and, more importantly, one that I deserved.


I saw a big gap in education around our emotions, our needs, our communication, how to truly feel like we belong, how to listen to our hearts, and in finding the courage to be proud of ourselves! So, I focused on closing it by studying, researching, and embracing a variety of spiritual practices. I studied coaching practice for over four years and achieved two coaching qualifications 


I’ve been in the personal development industry for over a decade. I’m a transformational coach dedicating my life to helping clients claim back their power, heal and let go of their heavy baggage, and remove the obstacles in the way of the life that they truly desire, one that makes their hearts sing so they can go on to live fulfilling, abundant, authentic lives where they can succeed at whatever they desire.


So, yes, I’ve evolved from a boy not even liking his life to a man who has found his true calling in helping others fall back in love with theirs.  


Free Download:

How to let go of painful past experiences

Download a step by step "How to Guide" on letting go of painful past experiences. 

Learn to replace them with new empowering beliefs

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